Hola Amigos! 

I am here to help you discover the treasures locked away in beautiful Buenos Aires! With a natural flare for working with people and a passion for his home-city and travelling - who better to make your trip hassle-free, safe and truly unforgettable!

Being a native of this breathtaking city it is perfect for you adventurous culture-vultures. Steeped in history, architecture, culture, music and arts and traditional markets and cafes it will change your life forever!
Like most cities there is always a dark-side and carefree tourists may become easy targets for pickpockets or be misunderstood when trying to communicate with the locals. Having a local guide by your side will safeguard you from these embarrassing or frustrating situations. A guide who knows where all the action is happening and what your best options are, will help you enormously to take the stress out of planning and organising your experience in the city. Be immersed into the scene in a short space of time and you will be able to shop and greet locals with confidence and have enough time to watch the city go-by while you have a bite to eat, a quick coffee or soak up the tango on the streets! 

In addition to these treats, if you are really in Buenos Aires for the Tango, your guide has many years of experience with this most passionate of dances as part of the family tradition. He will take you to the most tantalising Milongas in the city and escort you safely to and from your accommodation.
To sum up, you will have the best that you can get from this trip to the Tango Capital of the world - leave with beautiful memories, an Argentine connection and a friend from Buenos Aires!   

This travel companion service that can be coupled with the delights of the tango world will make your experience the best that is possible all on your time!

About Matias:

He has an extensive knowledge of Buenos Aires as he has lived and  worked in the many historical buildings in Buenos Aires for Building Conservation also complimented by holding a degree in History of Arts.
He is a very trustworthy and friendly person and full of fun! 
He is always helpful, considerate and flexible should you need time for yourself and your schedule.
He is also a great tango dancer.
He is well known in many different milongas and places in and around Buenos Aires City.

What you can expect:

A tailor-made itinerary that includes visiting historical sites, buildings, churches, monuments, markets and cafes & bars and local festivals.
A flexible approach to your plans including day-to-day changes depending on weather,  interests, your mood-of-the-day!
Door-to-door service and being accompanied during the day and if necessary including evenings and nights for shows to suit your tastes. 
The option of 'him' as your tango dancer for the trip; and arrangements for your additional friends.
The options of private lessons and practicas with him in addition to your original schedule.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? the magic and passion of Buenos Aires...

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